Wetenschapspark Arenberg


Gaston Geenslaan 11


easics is situated in 'Arenberg Sciencepark', in a very green environment, adjacent to part of Heverlee forest. Thanks to the maximum isolation of the buildings by among other the use of high-efficiency glass, the energy needs can be kept to the minimum. The use of passive solar energy, also called ‘building on the sun’, make the heating invoices lighter. The chosen orientation makes the buildings very energy-efficient. Through permanent sun protection on the south side, the warming stays minimized in summer. The building has a concrete core activation for cooling and heating. The rainwater is used for the sanitary.

The surroundings of the building are still under construction but will, in future, have plenty of green zones.

We try to motivate our personnel by giving them the opportunity to choose an e-bike as part of their end-of-the-year bonus. We motivate them in taking the bike whenever they can. People can also enjoy nature during breaks by taking a walk, a bike ride or a jogging exercise. The building offers bicycling storage, showers and a cloakroom.

We sort packaging waste as much as possible and try to avoid unnecessary printing.