easics @ Vision, Robotics & Motion
NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Robotics have become an integral part of the manufacturing industry. Operating robots used to be a complex undertaking that required a lot of programming, but these days, working with robotics is becoming increasingly accessible. For instance, there are now self-learning robots and robots that are operated by copying behavior. Developments are happening at rapid speed and because of this, collaboration between man and robot is becoming increasingly intensive. For this reason, the latest generation of robots, so-called collaborative robots (cobots), is on the rise. How can you integrate these developments and innovations into your workplace and where do you begin?

Vision, Robotics & Motion is the trade fair where you will find everything needed for more reliable, safer, and faster production using automation and robotics

Get to know the latest innovations and solutions in vision, robotics, motion control, sensor technology, and machine automation. Collaboration is the key word: using robots not as replacements, but as colleagues. You will learn how you can realize this at the 19th edition of Vision, Robotics and Motion on June 10 and 11, 2020.

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