Borre Van Lombergen
Summer Job 2018: Convolutional Neural Networks

Having just finished my Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, I deemed it very important to gain hands-on experience in the industry. Working for 6 weeks on a project about implementing an image detection neural network on an (by easics designed) FPGA architecture was therefore perfect for me.

Working at easics was a very educational, comfortable and overall exciting time. I was given enough freedom to discover important design aspects myself as well as making implementation decisions myself. When it was needed however I could always depend on my supervisors to explain important principles to me and guide me throughout the entire project. This duality between individual research on the one hand and being thoroughly guided on the other hand made for a very pleasant working experience. I really felt like an employee of easics during this period rather than “just an intern”.
I gained lots of insight in the process of digital design as well as improving my programming abilities in languages such as C/C++, VHDL and Python.

There’s a very soothing working environment where everyone’s extremely kind, helpful and of course very competent. Other benefits such as getting paid a fair wage, free lunch and the possibility of joining the team building event made the internship even more satisfying than it already was.


Ilse de Moffarts
Started as Design Engineer, now Project Leader

There are many things I like about working at easics. I think what makes it most enjoyable is the fact that there's such a high drive for efficiency and automation. In other words, we don't like to do dumb work. Instead we develop our own software tools to do this for us, so we can focus on the real complex challenges.

Secondly, there's a lot of variation, in many aspects: first of all, the field of the application (medical, space, industrial, imaging, etc.), but also the different phases within one project (architecture, implementation, verification, etc.). The idea clearly is that 'everyone does everything'.

To conclude my praise, easics is a learning company in a very flexible way. Depending on your own interests and needs you can shape your own path in this highly 'smart' environment.


Stijn Sallets
Summer Job 2017: Electroniad live scoring system

I learned a lot during my 6 weeks at easics. On the one hand did they gave us a lot of freedom. We had to build a software system and we were free to implement things as we wanted. However, there was always help when we needed some. Extra programming experience is always useful. On the other hand it was a chance to talk to people who have lots of experience, but a different kind than the academic one. This combined with the good atmosphere at easics and some other advantages (slidable hours, team building, free food at the company) made it a very nice experience!


Hoda Shariati
Summer Job 2017: Electroniad live scoring system

During my 6 weeks of stay in easics, I gained quite a lot of life-changing experience. As my first experience outside of academic world, I learned the culture of a dynamic tech company, real expectations and real challenges in the real world. My project was using computer vision techniques for handwritten character recognition. For this project, I had the opportunity to learn about deep neural networks and their application to image classification with Keras wrapper of tensorflow library inside Python. I also learned different image processing techniques using the Opencv package. The learning slope during this period was very steep, which I really appreciated. I also developed more solid programming skills in Python under supervision of highly experienced engineers.


Arnoud Vangrunderbeek
Summer Job 2016: Docx_tool

Easics is my first engineer related summer job and it has opened my eyes. My thoughts and experience about large companies at that time was not so positive but easics totally changed that. It’s a beautiful company with a great atmosphere and no strict rules; no strict rules, I mean if you want to take a break in the midday, or you decide to go slack lining in the park (we actually did), there is no one to point you out. Of course at the end of the ride, the project has to be finished. And the members of easics are there to help you reach the deadline.

Easics uses a tool called VCI to generate VHDL code. The purpose of the project was to generate a Microsoft Word document for every VCI generated project, written in Cpp.


Maxime Feyerick
Summer Job 2016: VHDL parser tester

I worked on an internal tool during my summer job at easics. More specifically I had to thoroughly test a framework which parsed and represented VHDL-code, then write a small application using the framework to demonstrate it to colleagues. Not only did I expand my knowledge about VHDL and C++ a lot while working on this project, at least as enlightening were the easics academy seminars, at which all coworkers attend to learn about interesting topics in programming and design tools. I liked working at easics because it gave me the opportunity to be involved in a real engineering project while still being a student, and gave an insight in how a design company like easics works.