Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Deep Learning / Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) easics has the in house expertise to design ASICs, Application Specific Integrated Circuit and in combination with the framework to generate deep learning IP cores we are the right partner to design or integrate your deep learning processing unit. If you are looking for a high performant and low power solution. You can contact the easics team to go through your requirements. Applications can vary from ADAS, imaging, vision, audio, medical, wearables or your next AI project.

Integrating deep learning close to the sensor can be challeging because of latency and power requirements of the application.  CPU's, FPGA's or GPU's can be quite generic, under performing or consuming too much power. Easics can help you with on chip solutions. The starting point of the design will be the current architecture of our FPGA solutions but after validation of the use case we can start up our ASIC flow and methodology.   

We can integrate with different sensors like lidar, image sensors, IR, Time-of-flight, wireless radios among others.