easics digital chip design for imec
Steven Redant
ASIC Design Services Manager at imec.IC-link

“Outstanding in-house competence”

In 2017, easics and imec proudly look back on 5 years of partnership in the areas of ASIC design and IP. So far, there have been 3 design projects from in different technology nodes, where easics has proven to be a supplier with outstanding in-house competence of digital design. This is a fundamental element for our objective of offering complete full-turnkey projects. Our end-customers with easics involvement range from small startups to large multi-national electronic firms, from which we regularly receive very positive feedback. A particular strength of easics is their capability of thinking at on system level, in a wide array of application domains, including imaging, networking and embedded code. Easics is located only a stone’s throw away from the imec headquarters, allowing for very efficient collaboration. It was great to contribute together with easics to the Leuven.inc Visionary seminar on blockchains, which achieved a record breaking number of visitors. We are looking forward for the next 5 exciting years with easics.

easics logo CMOS CCD system on chip
Geert Verbruggen
Senior Project Leader at easics

“Radiation-tolerant companion chip for high-end scientific image sensors”

Although CMOS made integration of image sensors in cameras easier, the wide variety of vendors and the variability in controlling signals and data format is still a difficulty for camera manufacturers. As part of Esa contracts, easics and Caeleste have developed a radiation-tolerant programmable companion chip for image sensors, primarily targeting infrared imagers with the possibilty to interface CMOS as well as CCD visible light sensors. The chip is targeted towards future space science and earth observation missions and operates at temperatures as low as 77 Kelvin. On top of data formating and programmable sensor driving, the device also includes necessary ‘housekeeping’ electronics such as biasing DACs, linear regulators, bandgap and temperature sensors.

Read the full story here.

easics digital chip design for Xenics
Rosa Maria Vinella
Project & Technical Account Manager at Xenics

“Skilled and competent partner”

With easics we found a skilled and competent partner for the design of the digital core of our sensors' readout. We appreciate their commitment to on time delivery and support during all phases of the development. easics has proven to deliver high-quality and reliable design compliant with our custom demands.

easics system on chip for SAS
Jean-Marc Wislez
Flight Systems Division Manager at Space Applications Services

“Very good atmosphere and a lot of expertise”

A call to DSP Valley brought us to easics who stood out for their very solid and competitive offer. During our first visit it was immediately clear that easics constructively helps to come up with a technical solution fit for the specific needs of the customer. Hence the collaboration with easics went very smoothly and pleasantly. Drawing up specifications together, the technical provisional reviews, as well as the support afterwards took place in a very good atmosphere and were handled with a lot of expertise.